“Working in close and trusted partnership generates the best results” Image 1


“Working in close and trusted partnership generates the best results”

Mathias Sondermann, Senior Director Head of Technology & LoB Events at SAP, and faculty member of ECM Summer School, about ECM Summer School 2018 in Thessaloniki.

tw: In a tweet: How was your first ECM Summer School?
Mathias Sondermann: Actually, it was my second – I presented back in 2012 in Dubrovnik. The Summer School is a fantastic exchange platform with professionals from the industry.

Is there a learning that you take home to SAP?
More outside-in views are essential.

You are new at the faculty. Why do you serve voluntarily?
I enjoy the exchange with passionate and enthusiastic professionals, like to understand different perspectives and challenges. The Summer School provides that opportunity.

You taught the students about the decision making process of corporate clients and emphasized: “You need to understand our needs.” What should your suppliers know?
That they are the link between us and our customers. That is why we believe that working in close and trusted partnership generates the best results. This partnership comes with certain rules and of course great professionalism. This is what we promise, but also expect.

“Working in close and trusted partnership generates the best results” Image 2


Course Director Pier Paolo Mariotti (Eurac Convention Center Bolzano), Lone Alletorp Callard (Wonderful Copenhagen), Elif Balci Fisunoglu (ICCA), Nalan Emre (IMEX Group), Sam Johnston (Dublin Convention Bureau), Cain Leathem (GB Fitness), Heike Mahmoud (Congress Centrum Hamburg), Nicola McGrane (IAPCO), Christian Mutschlechner (Vienna Convention Bureau), Miguel Neves (Social Media Chefs), Colleen Phalen (DMAI), Professor Kyriazis Pitilakis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki), Mathias Sondermann (SAP), Anja Stas (FMCCA), Daniel Waigl (CIRSE), and Kerstin Wünsch (tw tagungswirtschaft)

“We are in a very volatile environment. So we have to be flexible”, you said. What do you expect from your suppliers and service providers?
First of all scalability and flexibility. Then, open and honest collaboration – tell us what you can, but also what you cannot do. That helps us make the best decisions and put together great teams for our events. Sometimes we need patience, and then great efforts when last minute decisions need to be made.

Will you be back at ECM Summer School 2019?