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"All those intent on building a career must have a definite goal and must pursue it with determination. That applies both to men and women – even if the latter will find their road to success to be lots more difficult. Managerial positions and parttime employment are incompatible." Sabine Loos, CEO Westfalenhallen Dortmund, at BOE 2018.

"What happens to all these good female project managers? Why aren't there more women in senior leadership positions across Germany?" Antje Münsterberg, Head of HR, mainzplus Citymarketing

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"Many women are very familiar with the "glass ceiling" in professional life. So am I! But I am also seeing gradual change in corporate life in terms of promoting female managerial staff. At Nürnbergmesse, we've installed a mentoring program named "JUMP" by women for women. My mentoring experience had a significant impact on me: I had the opportunity to work for Hamburg's former head of economics and finances and later director of eastern Germany's privatization agency Birgit Breuel. She taught me that many male careers are based on male bonding. We women do not yet adequately engage in relationship management – female bonding has not yet arrived in corporate life and in the heads of female senior executives. Women focus on their work and do their job – to perfection. We do not give interaction with female colleagues the time men give such network building. We consider this inefficiently used time – and then we'll be astonished that male candidates get promoted ... Birgit Breuel is a smart woman – why don't I pay more attention to her advice?"
Sabina Linke, Executive Director Nürnbergmesse

“People occasionally call me ‘dear’ or ‘sweetie’.
They wouldn't do that to a man!”
Survey “Women in the events industry 2017”
 by IMEX Group,
tw tagungswirtschaft and m+a report
"Currently we only have four female board members and this is by no means representative of the majority members that we serve. It is incumbent on us as women to take up the challenge and the commitment to see a gender-balanced board next year." Nina Freysen-Pretorius, President International Congress & Convention Association at ICCA Congress 2017 in Prague

London Convention Bureau (@London_CVB): Most of our convention bureau team are women, & we are extremely proud of their achievements. @BarbaraJJamison has been nominated to join the board of European Cities Marketing, expertly raising awareness of the opportunity London offers the MICE industry. #InternationalWomensDay https:// t.co/5DM8TmrhuY

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“SITE is proud to be a supporting partner of She Means Business. Ever since I joined the industry, over 20 years ago now, the discussion around women in leadership has been discussed. Indeed, the vast majority of event and incentive professionals are women but this is far from being represented in senior positions. But progress is being made and I am very proud to serve an organization where a majority of our board members and trustees are women, which is very representative of our constituency. No doubt, there is still work to be done and SITE is committed to contribute actively to the debate."
Didier Scaillet, CEO SITE & SITE Foundation

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“What will be the next social contract? The answer is women and girls! We have to rethink our social contract. We have to integrate women.”
Dr. Alaa Murabit
, UN High-Level Commissioner for Health Employment and Economic Growth and one United Nations Sustai,nable, Development Goal Global Advocates, speaking at Q Berlin Questions