The answer is girls and women

he answer is girls and women" is Alaa Murabit's simple response to the complex question: "What will be the next social contract?" 27- year-old Murabit is one of 17 Global Sustainable Development Goal Advocates and a UN High-Level Commissioner on Health Employment & Economic Growth. Her request: "We have to rethink our social contract." Her clarity and wisdom had us all captivated at the first Q Berlin Questions conference. After her speech we jumped up from our seats at the Schiller Theater and gathered round Alaa Murabit. It's individuals like her that give us the feeling that there are people and options out there to give good answers to urgent global issues – in a world seemingly growing ever more diffuse and digitalized.

"Q Berlin Questions is the city's first own international conference dedicated to discussing the major issues of our times", said host Burkhard Kieker. However, despite of the great program the CEO of VisitBerlin had to admit that many of his 400 invited guests had failed to attend – with the majority of noshows actually based in Berlin. He is well aware "that new brands must be grown and developed, just think of Davos or the TED conference."

In view of these no-shows, a crucial question comes to my mind: What about the major challenges and issues of our times? Of course it's not only about ethics and responsibility, there's also the question of ROI: "Why should I go there – what's the benefit to me and my organization?" But this question is getting harder to answer: who among us knows what requirements our profession, our position will have tomorrow? Or put in different words: Why do more than 9,000 delegates travel to Berlin to attend the re:publica, the conference for the digital society? It's because of the holistic approach, delegates will not know who they will meet, but they can rest assured that he or she will have something meaningful to say. This principle guides our new columnist Andreas Gebhard, CEO and co-founder of the re:publica, when he flies to the Summit LA17 and reports from Los Angeles.

For those wishing to discuss the "next social contract", I am happy to announce the first "She Means Business" conference on 14 May 2018 during "EduMonday" of IMEX, launched by the IMEX Group and tw tagungswirtschaft. Dear Alaa, it's women like you that really move us.
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