London Tech Week 2018

One week. 300 events. 55,000 people.

Upcoming London Tech Week is going to attract over 55,000 attendees across 300 events from 11 - 17th June 2018. The event is a unique festival connecting science and creative minds, corporates and startups. The schedule of London Tech Week headline events is featuring a brand-new Future of Work Summit, curated to aid business owners in catapulting their workforces into 2030; alongside the AI Summit, co-located for the first time with TechXLR8 at the ExCeL London; as well as the nowrenowned programme of social events running as the heartbeat throughout the week – from the prestigious Prince's Trust Gala Dinner, to the massive Tech Night Party and then the Formula One Powerboat Racing at Royal Victoria Docks.

Poll conducted by the Barbican

Virtual attendance? No

A poll in the UK has revealed that 48% of event organisers are unwilling to offer virtual attendance at events. And 58% want domestic travel to events to be limited to an hour. “Whilst some in the venue world will see such a lack of desire for virtual attendance as a positive due to increased revenues and footfall I am sitting on the fence,” comments the Barbican’s head of events, Jackie Boughton. “True it is good for business. However, it is better for long term business if people continue to hold events no matter what format they take. Adding virtual attendance is a great way to engage those who cannot be there for one reason or another.“ 29% of organisers are however working to develop solutions and technology for virtual attendance, providing a wider range of ways in which people can attend and engage with fellow participants. Jackie concludes by commenting that “technology is a great enabler, we should constantly seek new ways to use it throughout our events. However, we mustn’t forget that the best way to build a relationship is face to face, which is why there will always be a need to get here, no matter how good the technology becomes.” The research was conducted amongst 120 Barbican clients.

Access to 225,000 venues worldwide

New Venue Sourcing Solution

Etouches announced its Venue Sourcing offering, now fully integrated into the Etouches event management platform. “Meeting professionals must validate their success to senior management and stakeholders, making quick access to meetings data vital. They can drive millions and even tens of millions of dollars in savings through strategic venue sourcing,” said Mike Tenholder, vice president, Channel and Partner Management. 2016 acquisition of venue sourcing and booking platform Zentila, the Venue Sourcing solution combines the features and functionality of Zentila with Etouches' event management software (EMS) solution. Venue Sourcing provides access to 225,000 venues worldwide and users are able to source, negotiate, and book a meeting.

Center for Exhibition Industry Research

How to use Gamification

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) announced a new Industry Insight Series Report, “How Exhibitors Can Use Games and Contests to Drive Greater Trade Show Success”. “There has been a lot of buzz about gamification in the business world over the past several years, and the trade show world is no exception,” explains author Samuel J. Smith. “Exhibitors want to know how to use the power of games to get more booth traffic and greater engagement with attendees. Games and contests are great tools for exhibitors to drive booth traffic, capture leads, and educate visitors about their products and services.” The report covers content relating to what components are included in a game, why games motivate trade show attendees to play them, games that work best in a booth, how to tailor the game experience for exhibitor success, advice specific for digital games and two case studies. “CEIR’s recent research on attendee engagement has uncovered that games that educate attendees about an exhibitor’s products enjoy high attendee use,” said CEIR CEO Cathy Breden. “Though this research also finds too few exhibitors are using this highly effective attendee engagement tactic. ”