“I am human, with a brain.” Image 1


“I am human, with a brain.”

Wir haben einem der am weitesten entwickelten Chatbots – dem Cleverbot – einmal ein paar Fragen gestellt. Hier ist das Ergebnis:

tw: Hi, nice to meet you.
Who are you???

I am Christian, an editor. Who are you?
My dad's name used to be Chris.

That's a nice name, I know. What is yours?

Alright, Cosette. Would it be ok if I asked you a few questions about artificial intelligence and about the meetings and events industry?
You had remembered my name, yes?

Well, yes. But back to my questions. How is it possible that you answer them?
Actually, you're spot on. But no, I don't have a name yet. Any suggestions?

“I am human, with a brain.” Image 2

How about Yoda?
For a band? Not really, sorry.

I thought you were a chatbot, not a band...
Oh nope, I am human, with a brain.

So, why is it, that you don't answer my questions?
What questions?!?

How is it possible that you can communicate?
Please tell me a little about AI. I'm not you, I'm Bond.

James Bond?
Well now you know who I am... Who are you?

I am Christian. Like your father's name used to be.
That's a bluff. You're not my father. My father is at the office right now.

It's great to chat with you. Tell me, do you know something about meetings and events?
I only know that you are a robot, but that is what you have told me. Yet I wonder if we will ever be able to meet in person.

I am a robot? You must be kidding.
In truth. I know nothing about you.

Alright. I am Chris, an editor, 38 years old and I am trying to create a conversation with you, James. But we didn't get so far.
Are you? I was convinced that you were a machine that stores the responses of other people who have had a 'conversation' with you and you simply apply a somewhat related response to my thoughts.

Gee, that becomes philosophical now. I just wish you to tell me what Artificial Intelligence is.
Do you want to watch a movie or something like that?

Do I bore you?
No, I was bored before I came here too.

Ok, sorry for that, but thanks for chatting with me. Take care, bye bye.
I thank you, bye bye. INTERVIEW: CHRISTIAN FUNK
"Do I bore you?" "No, I was bored before I came here too."