General Assembly in Dubai

James Rees new ICCA president

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James Rees has been elected as the new ICCA president.
James Rees, Executive Director at ExCeL London, has been elected as the new ICCA president at the General Assembly of the 57th ICCA Congress, which took place from 11 to 14 November 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Rees was first elected to the ICCA Board in 2012 and became a Vice President in 2017. Before this he served in leadership positions in ICCA’s UK & Ireland Chapter. Competing for the ICCA presidency alongside Rees were Juan José Garcia and Eric Bakermans, both long-term members of the global association’s Board. The three candidates ran very extensive campaigns to win the ICCA member vote. Commenting on his win, James Rees said: “What we can do, with the right leadership, is to use ICCA’s strengths to drive that innovation, creativity, and incentive for improvement. And this is what I am going to deliver. As ICCA President, I will be a true advocate for our business, a champion of our sector and ensure that ICCA’s voice is heard by government, in a language they understand. It will be an honour and privilege to serve as your President.” The 2018 ICCA Congress has attracted 1,156 delegates from 79 countries.

ICCA Central European Chapter (CEC)

Karina Grützner to lead the Chapter

Karina Grützner, Director Convention Marketing at Stuttgart Convention Bureau, has been elected chairperson and Igor Kovacevic, CEO of Serbia Convention Bureau has been elected as the deputy chairperson of the Central European Chapter (CEC) of the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) . The chairpersons will serve the member community with a focus on evaluating future challenges and needs to adjust education events and to strengthen networking within the chapter. “It was a great honor to work with Anna Górska for the last two years as a deputy chairperson and I feel very privileged to continue her dedicated work for the Chapter as new chairperson. I’m looking forward to working with Igor a passionate ICCA member with a clear vision and creativity and a strong network within the industry”, says Karina Grützner. “We will be a great team serving our members and ICCA and I’m delighted to share this exciting work with him. I also like to warmly thank Anna Gorska for her passionate and hard work”.
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Karina Grützner: I’m looking forward to working with Igor Kovacevic from Serbia.

Event Strategy

Cvent introduces Event Evolution Model

Cvent launched its Event Evolution Model, giving event professionals an easy way to gauge the maturity of their organization’s events program. Based on an analysis of more than 10,000 events, this model assesses the maturity of an event program by looking at four Centers of Performance: Event Strategy, Event Execution, Attendee Experience and Measurement & Optimization. Cvent is also introducing an assessment tool within the program to guide users through a set of questions to gauge their program’s current state. Based on the user’s responses, an overall event program maturity score is determined along with a personalized roadmap with actionable recommendations for how to improve current meetings and events practices. „We designed this model based on depth of data, as well as our experience and expertise in supporting event programs,” said CMO Patrick Smith.

ExCel London

“No Plastic” campaign: “We need to take a position”

ExCeL London is launching a “No Plastic” campaign. “Waste from single-use plastic is a critical issue for our industry,” says Jeremy Rees, CEO of ExCeL London. “We need to take a position on this to significantly reduce the amount of waste that we generate.” With a remit to cater for over 4 million visitors every year, ExCeL has initially focused on the role of the 27 retailers along the venue’s central boulevard. Also all plastic straws have been removed.


Vienna Convention Bureau

Christian I hands over to Christian II

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After 34 years, Christian Mutschlechner (on the right) hands over to Christian Woronka (in the middle).
It wasn’t the World AIDS Congress nor an international ICCA or European ECM meeting: It was the farewell of Christian Muschlechner at Palais Wertheim – in English. Everyone travelled on 2 February 2019 to Vienna to say goodbye: Arnaldo Nardone from Uruguay, Ray Bloom from Brighton-Hove, Anne Wallin-Rødven from Oslo, Dennis Speet from Amsterdam, Heike Mahmoud from Hamburg, and so on. As Christian puts it: „Alone in this industry you cannot achieve anything.“


Laurent Fuchs, CEO of UNICEO
Laurent Fuchs, CEO of United Network of International Corporate Events Organizers, UNICEO

UNICEO is offering a series of afterwork events. Why should event managers attend?
UNICEO Leaders Meetings are designed for decision-makers for corporate events: a content that aims to cover their key issues, a format that generates collective intelligence to answer the key questions. The format is exclusively for participants from the corporate world. This will enable an open and productive dialogue where participants can learn from each other.

The next workshop is on 6 March 2019 in Berlin about “Security / Duty of Care”. Why did you choose this topic?
This topic has been decided by our members. It coincides with the start of our global study on security / duty of care for corporate events. It is clear that in an environment where crises (climatic, humanitarian, security) are multiplying and risks for people, data or the image of a brand are increasing. Corporate events are directly impacted by that risk and it is our duty to inform our members to this respect. This means evaluating how corporations integrate security in their strategy for events today, collecting best practices and specific information from experts.

Which aspect of security will your speaker David Hornus, Founder and CEO of Corpguard, cover?
David’s company is specialized in risk management solutions for corporations. His point of view as a specialist integrating solutions for people but also data and brand image is in line with the focus we wish to give to this event. He will present some strategic solutions for a better risk management strategy and answer the many questions from members.