Living with the mask

ow did you feel when you saw Frank Koch on our cover page? His picture touched our hearts and minds, because it very accurately describes our situation in the pandemic. The GM of the Best Western Hotel Darmstadt had to close his hotel doors in March and will open again in June. He inspects facilities daily, walks through the empty lobby, the deserted hallways and rooms. In one of his 77 rooms, he takes off his shoes and lies down on the bed, where usually his guests sleep: business travelers and convention delegates. What will he be thinking?

The past weeks in lockdown have been quite a strain, and the coming weeks with phased relaxation of restrictions won't be easy either, because there's a high degree of uncertainty. Fear of both infection and loss of employment are very strong. This is particularly true in our business, because measures to restrain the corona virus severely limit all social contacts. Until a vaccine has been found, the reproduction factor and other indicators will define the scope of our freedom of movement, the nature of interaction and business events.

Even if all 16 German federative states have allowed events to be staged, the rules and regulations on safety and hygiene are extensive. They call for a lot of work, and that while many of us are working short-time, are working from home while home-schooling children and at the same time videoconferencing with colleagues in the company and customers at distant locations. Numerous event-organizers have switched to digital formats, that even applies to stock corporations and their annual meetings. Hybrid events are our future, a fact nobody will deny. And it's also a fact that this crisis is a marathon and not a sprint.

The critical issue is how long will we be able to persevere, and how will we adapt to the situation? What are our options of co-creation? We've talked to a lot of you, we joined forces to find solutions and we came upon 'resilience'. Resilience is the ability to maintain or restore psychic well-being during or after stressful life events. This relates not only to individuals but also to teams and organizations and their ability to maintain their capacity to act also in crisis situations.
Capacity to act for us tw-editors means: how do we fulfill your desire and need for information? This need is greater than ever before, and the dynamics of events often push us to our limits. We have therefore set up a partnership with the German Convention Bureau (GCB) and established the www.eventcrisis.org platform. Dear readers, let our teams in Frankfurt, Mainz, Darmstadt, Giessen, and Berlin know:
How can we support you?
Dear Frank Koch, this call goes out especially to you.
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