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ay green, grass green, leaf green: there's an enormous range of natural green hues. The color stands for hope and growth, for nature and environmental conservation as well as sustainability. Thousands of youths are currently taking to the streets. They're not only demonstrating for better environmental policies, they're actually demanding them. They can claim credit for 48 percent of voters surveyed by the German ARD TV network prior to the European elections in May of this year stating that climate and environment protection play a dominant role in their choice of candidates. The youths' sincerity and determination in pursuing these issues has now also reached the political community. There's hardly a city that hasn't (rapidly) adopted an environmental agenda, the German government has passed a bill fixing in detail the national goals of climate control: plans call for the emission of greenhouse gases to have been reduced by at least 55% in 2030. The new generation now advancing to the executive level has very concrete conceptions about future developments, about sustainability and greenwashing. One thing is for sure: environmental and climate protection can be business drivers. Companies pursuing (certified) sustainable policies will gain a competitive edge, not to mention the fact that we all enjoy doing things that benefit all of us.

The Fridays for Future agenda has been setting standards. It's hard to find a company not loudly advertising their commitment to climate protection and the measures they've taken – and then they find out there's so much more they can do: climate-neutral working, reducing carbon footprint, supporting employees in their efforts to find alternatives to cars for commuting to work. Retailers are stocking more environmentally-compatible, fairtrade, organic and regional goods. Most supermarkets have learned they can no longer do business without organic and fairtrade products. Sustainability has become a standard element of many brands' mission statements. It comes as no big surprise then that this issue plays a role in organization of events. Sustainability has become an attitude to life. It's not about denial and abdication, much to the contrary: sustainability gives pleasure, it's positive and delightful. A look at event centers, restaurants and the hotel industry speaks volumes – and in Green Events' favor. This positive outlook is contagious, because sustainability also means future viability.
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