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Explosives, startups and diversity

The #twSocialSix take a look at Jerusalem from a young event-planner's perspective.

n early December our small group #twSocialSix took a plane to Jerusalem to have a close look at this meeting destination. A huge amount of technical equipment was on the baggage conveyor belt and we had an odd feeling in our guts – will security inspections at the airport really be as strict as was to be heard? Will we manage to export all the cameras, batteries and charging cables to Israel? It turned out that technical equipment wasn't any problem. However, my freshly dyed hair triggered an explosives alarm. Following intensive interrogation by German police authorities and numerous attempts to explain, I was given the go-ahead to board the plane and later entered Israel without any problems – as did altogether 4.55 million tourists in 2019, among these 20,100 Germans – a visitor record for Israel. Upon our arrival in Jerusalem, we found the city to be almost deserted: This is how Jerusalem looks on Sabbath, the day devout Jews are not allowed to work. At dusk, the scene changed entirely; there was a colorful mixture of people and cultures.

The next day, we were able to witness with our own eyes an interaction between tradition and modernity at the Mahne Yehuda Market. The Bitemojo app guided us to the culinary delights at this market established at this site in the late 19th century. The app has its origins in Israel and is not the only one designed in Israel. The campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is home to a hi-tech village. Here's where we met Shay Fleishon, who with BioJerusalem sets up connections between startups and businesses. "We're like a placid eco-system. Diverse yet collaborative." This very particular combination is visible at the International Convention Center. Reservation Department Manager Yossi Levi told us that the shares of employed men and women are almost identical and that there are in fact more women than men in leadership positions. You need to have experienced this city to understand it. Perhaps not necessarily with freshly-dyed hair, but nevertheless with a good deal of patience at the airport.
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